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Avan Hardins was a Male Human from Vi’iikiya Earth, he was the chair of Class G. Born and raised in the southern Gallian town of Mellvere, Avan lost his father at a young age. His brother Leon Hardins assumed the role of a father and Avan greatly admired his brother. Leon went on to serve in the Alliance militia during the First Multiverse War and enrolled in the Lanseal Military Academy in the First Aftermath.


Early Life[]

Avan's father died from an illness soon after Avan was born. Avan feels a deep respect for his mother, who raised him and his brother Leon alone. Leon soon became Avan's male role model, and with his two family members setting a good example, Avan grew up to be an honest young man.

When the Second Europan War brought the threat of the Empire to their doorstep, Leon's sense of duty and love for his hometown urged him to found a small patrol force. Leon soon became a reliable commander despite his young age, and Avan was quick to assist his brother in any way he could.

Once Gallia became fully involved in the war, Leon left his hometown to join the Gallian militia. Leon earned the respect of his peers through his prowess in battle, and once the core of the fighting was over, he was invited to enroll in Lanseal Royal Military Academy. Avan's respect for and admiration of his brother only grew as he kept track of Leon's achievements.

Hoping to earn his own independence, Avan got a job while attending high school in Mellvere. Avan's natural enthusiasm soon made him a central figure within the ranks of the local patrol force.

Since Leon was staying in the dorms of Lanseal Royal Military Academy, Avan did not get to see his brother as often as he would have liked. After five months of keeping in touch through a constant flow of letters, Avan received a letter from Leon mentioning that he was about to be involved in a special mission, and that he would be unable to write any letters during the course of the mission. Despite the lack of any further communication from his brother, Avan worked hard at his job and at school, believing that Leon was fighting the good fight somewhere in Gallia.

One day, a man named Brixham introduced himself to Avan as one of the professors of Lanseal Royal Military Academy. Brixham brought with him news of Leon's death. Avan asked Brixham for more details regarding his brother's death, but was told that such details could not be revealed to people who are unassociated with the academy. Refusing to accept that Leon was truly dead, and hoping to discover the truth for himself, Avan applied to become a student at Lanseal Royal Military Academy.


Avan was the only one who would act as any class, making him the most tactically flexible unit in Class G. Avan could also issue orders if deployed. Finally, Avan could not be hospitalized - if forced to withdraw, Avan would immediately return after battle.

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