300px-H2A SgtJohnson Profile

Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson (SN: 48789-20114-AJ [2]) was a Human senior non-commissioned officer who served with the Allied Marine Corps during the Multiverse wars. Avery Johnson was a highly trained Marine, serving with various combat units of the Allied Naval Special Warfare Command, including the highly classified ORION Project.

Johnson played a vital role during the course of the First War and fought at major battles such as Resena, Endor, Filo Coruscant, and the events at Installation 04, 05, and at the Eclipse. He was key in forming an alliance between the Humans and Covenant Remnants to the United Alliance of Orion Species. Ultimately, Johnson was killed in an attempt to prematurely activate a assault by Klingons. He was honored by Fleet Admiral Ackbar twice, first with the Colonial Cross just prior to the invasion of Piala Earth; then just months later, alongside his fallen comrades, at the Hillside Memorial in Voi, Kenya.

He was best known for his typical "gung-ho" attitude towards life, personal goals, and as a leader to his fellow Marines. This earned him a reputation, respect, and admiration from his subordinates and superiors alike. However, his eccentric behavior took a liking to "flip music," a style of music similar to the heavy metal from the 21st century.

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