the Axis Council, known officially as the Council of Rulers, nicknamed the Council of the Few, is the name of the official government that governed the Axis. No where near as stable as it's Allied counterpart, with it consistently fighting internal feuds with one another and either more considered with either their own plans for power or their loyalties to their homelands and not to the Axis as a whole.

History Edit

List of Members Edit

Name of Councilors Gender Speices Representing
Wilhuff Tarkin Male Human Galactic Empire
Gorkon Male Klingon Klingon Empire
Joseph Goebbels Male Human Greater German Empire
Anatoly Cherdenko Male Human Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Nute Gunray Male Neimoidian Confederacy of Independent Systems
Thomas Marik Male Human Free Worlds League
Jericho Swain Male Human Democratic Federation of Noxus
Jorhan Stahl Male Human Helghast Empire
Tal'Aura Female Romulan Romulan Star Empire
Hideki Tojo Male Human Japanese Empire
Damar Male Cardassian Cardassian Union
Iylana Moonfire Female Elerian Elerian Reich
Diego Almagro Male Human Federation of the Americas
Empress Dillika Epiccal Kutaruka Female Kilominitic Empire of the Combine Race
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