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The Flag of the Axis Joint Military

The Axis of Empires Joint Military better known as the Axis Joint Military was military organisation formed by the Axis of Empires, Mainly by theEmpire of the Combine Race , theUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics , the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire, Federation of the Americas, Noxus, Klingon Empire, and the Galactic Empire.


Though it's still unknown how it was formed to this day, many people belives that the Axis Joint Military was formed by the Soviet; General Nikolai Krukov , Combine; High General Gilker Qimar, Confederate; General Grievous , Imperial; Thrawn, Cardassian; Gul Dukat, Yuktobanian; General Sergey Nikanor, Klingonese; Kurn, Noxian; Darius, Khadoran; Aleksandra Zerkova, Japanese; General Tatsu, Romulan; Donatra, and German; Schutzstaffel Leader; General Heinrich Himmler forming the joint Military in order to clam victory from the Allies in any way.


it doesn't have many large battalions or regiments to speak of, in comparison to their Allied counterparts, which is caused by the mutual distrust the various members of the Axis have towards each other. due to this, the Axis Joint Military is largely regulated to smaller scale operations from simple Security detail for join Axis bases to an occupation force for newly conquered and jointly controlled worlds.

List of members[]