BB-2 Starfire

The BB-2 Starfire fighter-bomber was the main bomber of the United Civilizations. It was a sleek, multipurpose starfighter made by SoroSuub Corporation that was crewed by three people and armed with multiple warhead launchers, a forward-firing laser cannon, and turrets for self-defense. The BB-2 Starfire fighter-bomber from SoroSuub Corporation was a sleek, gently curved, hyperdrive-capable starfighter. Incredibly well armed, the starship's primary weapons were multiple warhead launchers. The BB-2's payload included ten interceptor missiles, multiple proton torpedoes capable of being launched in two massive rapid-fire salvos, and three ion bombs. It could also carry proton bombs and other ordnance. Secondary weapon systems included a pair of forward mounted laser cannons, as well as a dorsal turret on each wing that contained a light laser cannon or small anti-fighter missile launcher.

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