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The BFG-9000 is a handheld plasma cannon that launches blasts of green plasma. It is based on Argent energy, in this case supercharged via ionization and compression. This weapon was very rarely adopted by the Axis of Empires and the Alliance of Nations as a crowd killing weapon in gigantic battles.

The BFG-9000 was developed in the Advanced Research Complex's BFG Division, with a single initial prototype being produced. It was evolved from the first successful Argent weapon design, the plasma rifle, and is distinguished by making the most efficient use of the energy form yet known. The streams of Argent energy released by the weapon are attracted by other sources of the energy, which are typically demons, and thus behave in a guided manner. It is said to boil the fat and bodily fluids of such targets, which usually results in a subsequent full-body explosion.

Subsequent prototype versions of the weapon behaved in unpredictable manners, resulting in disasters during testing. These included the generation of Argent waves, lasers, and spheres, each with potentially useful but misdirected effects.

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