Y-wing LP

The BTL-A4 LP "Longprobe", otherwise known simply as the Y-wing Longprobe, was a variant of the standard BTL Y-wing starfighter used as a reconnaissance and scouting fighter by the Alliance of Nations during the War. The ship was designed so it could better implement the longer-duration missions of the profile of the BTL Y-wing starfighter, such as scouting. As such, the second pilot for the S3 variant, as well as all on-board life and mission support equipment, were removed to allow for this. Because of the consequentially lighter frame, the ship could handle heavier payloads as a substitute for better avionics equipment or weapons-fit out and payloads. In addition, although the turret at the cockpit was retained, it has been changed to save on lightness and locked in the forward firing position.

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