"We're using Y-wings because of their greater firepower. But they move like a sleepy Hutt, so watch it."
―Luke Skywalker, during the Assault on Kile II
Y-wing 2

The BTL Y-wing starfighter, built by Koensayr Manufacturing, was a mainstay of the Alliance Starfighter Corps. It was often used as an assault bomber to attack enemy capital ships directly in conjunction with the later B-wing starfighters. Sera uses one in the Incident at Nimbus III

Design Edit

"They're the workhorses of this outfit, I can tell you that."

Affectionately known as a "wishbone" to Allied pilots, the Y-wing starfighter was deployed as a fighter-bomber, designed to fight its way to its objective, deliver its payload of high explosives, and fight its way out again. Its weaponry included two laser cannons, two ion cannons, and two proton torpedo launchers. An astromech droid, such as an R2 unit, could be plugged into a socket behind the cockpit to act as a co-pilot and manage the ship's various systems. The Y-wing was a resilient, well-shielded craft, but was slow and ungainly compared to other Alliance fighters. Its deficiencies were partly compensated for by the heavy proton torpedo load it could carry, and its ability to paralyze craft with ion cannon fire without destroying them, a unique ability until the B-wing starfighter was introduced after the Battle of Yavin. In addition to the Alliance, many planetary defense forces, mercenaries, pirates and the Coalition of Independent States fielded the craft.

Usage Edit

"They've always gotten me home in one piece."
―Colonel Horton Salm[src]

Despite its shortcomings in speed and maneuverability compared to space superiority fighters such as the X-wing (or especially compared to interceptors like the A-wing), the Y-wing was an extremely durable craft, with heavier armor and shielding making it a favorite among some Alliance pilots during the timeline. The Y-wing also had a larger torpedo magazine.

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