BX-series droid commando

The BX-series droid commando, more commonly known as the commando droid, was an elite battle droid model made for stealth assignments.

These battle droids appeared similar to the B1 battle droid series; notable changes include two white photoreceptors, in addition to the long head being shortened to half its original size. Their voices were notably different compared to the B1 series, sounding more akin to the deep voices of B2 super battle droids. Unit leaders, which were known as the Commando droid captain, were fitted with white marks on their brows and chestplates. The captain would also have a vibrosword.[4]

They had the same operating abilities as B1 battle droids, with the addition of infiltration software.[1] This, along with their humanoid shape, allowed them to fit into a clone trooper's armor. In addition to this, the droids were capable of modulating their voices to match that of others, though they could not accurately copy their mannerisms or vocabulary, nor respond properly to unexpected situations outside of combat.[4]

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