Aegean patrol redux by itifonhom-d8iw8ja

Two Ba'ku Mirage 2000s patrolling the Kyza Sea


Princess Anij, main leader of the Loyal Ba'ku Guard


Warlord Ru'afo, leader of the Son'a Movement

The Ba'ku Civil War was a civil war fought from 1935 N.E to 2015 N.E between the Loyal Ba'ku led by Queen Anij and the Exiled Son'a led by Warlord Ru'afo. The Loyalist won, and Anij ruled their homeworld for the next 36 years, from 2015 N.E until her death in 3812 N.E in the Second Son'a War. The war is where the Son'a joined the Horde.

The war began after a pronunciamiento (declaration of opposition) by a group of generals of the Ba'ku Guard, against the elected, leftist government of the Ba'ku, at the time under the leadership of the Warlord. The rebel coup was supported by a number of conservative groups, including the Tarlac Empire,the Elloran Republic and the Fascist Kirsa.

The Loyals was supported by military units of the Royal Ba'ku Army. However, rebelling units in important cities were unable to capture their objectives, and those cities remained under the control of the government. The home planet of Ba'ku was thus left militarily and politically divided. The Son'a, now led by Warlord Ru'afo, and the Royals government fought for control of the country. The Son'a forces received munitions and soldiers from Galactic Empire, the Greater German Empire and the Soviet Union, while the Aurelia and the Earth Alliance offered lesser support to the "Loyalist" or "Republican" side. Other countries, such as the Old Republic and Pol America, operated an official policy of non-intervention, although Pol America did send in some munitions.

The war became notable for the passion and political division it inspired, and for the atrocities committed by both sides. Organized purges occurred in territory captured by Anij's forces to consolidate the future regime. A smaller but significant number of killings took place in areas controlled by the Son'a, normally associated with a breakdown in law and order. The extent to which Ba'ku authorities connived in Ba'ku territory killings varied.

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