MLL bastard isometric sm

The Bastard or ублюдок (Russian version) is a carbine that was created from scrap by the Metro dwellers at some point in the First War. The Bastard was one of the first Metro-made weapons. It is considerably cheaper to make and maintain than other guns, needing relatively few parts to create, making it ideal for weaponsmiths with few resources. This also explains the high production rates at the Armory and why it is so widely used by the Horde. This gun, like most, has its ups and downs. It has a high rate of fire and holds 30 rounds of ammunition, but fares poorly for sniping due to very poor accuracy beyond a few yards. It has very high recoil, but can be used effectively for stealth when a more effective stealth weapon is unavailable, since a silencer seems to have little to no effect on damage. The biggest downside to using the Bastard is that it jams and overheats roughly every two mags. It is used by the Coalition of Independent States

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