Ruins of Las Vegas

the aftermath of the battle

First Student: Have you heard?

Second Student: What?

First Student: another Muggle City have been attacked

Second Student: Please don't tell it's like the last time

First Student: no, worse

-a conversation between Hogwarts students

The Battle of Las Vegas was an engagement that occurred in 2406 on Tiu'linkui Earth between the Alliance of Civilizations and a Imperial Remnant. The battle was brutal with both sid

es entrenched and with heavy causalities on both sides, however, after six gruesome months, the battle ended in Allied victory but with Las Vegas reduced to rubble

History Edit

People involved Edit

Alliance of Civilizations Edit

  • BJ Blazkowicz
  • Jean-Luc Picard
  • Joshua Nolan
  • Jack O'Neill
  • Marian Hawke
  • Fergus Reid
  • Seven of Nine

Imperial Remnant Edit

  • Ardus Kaine
  • Natasi Daala
  • Ysanne Isard
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