Battle of Paris Tiu'linkui

Allied Soldiers fighting in the streets of Paris

"In recent news, the City of Paris on Tiu'linkui Earth have been attacked by a Reich Remnant, fighting have been seen in the streets of Paris as Parisan Refugees begin to escape the battle..."

-an ANN News Report being boardcast in Hogwarts, 2408

The Battle of Paris was an engagment that occured in 2408 NE on Tiu'linkui Earth between the Alliance of Civilizations and a Reich Remnant group. the battle lasted for over two months and ended in a Allied victory, however, the City of Paris is reduced to ruins by the end of the battle

History Edit

People involved Edit

Alliance of Civilizations Edit

  • Allison Jakes
  • Mara Jade
  • Jacen Solo
  • Aryn Leneer

Reich Remnant Group Edit

  • Wilhelm Strasse
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