The Battle of Rescue (also known as Roy's Last Stand, Battle of Mandora, and the Forgiveness Battle) is the ninth battle in the Zann Consortium and marks the end of the 9-day kidnapping of Kathryn Janeway that began during the Battle of Mandora. The battle began around 10:26 AM near the planet of Lenaia in a forest just 7 miles west of it. Tyber Zann's All-women group called the "Black Witches" were transporting to a new base; away from their old, temporary one at a town named Fort Asakyia. Janeway were with Black Witches at the time and were unintentionally left unattended by guards. Allied agents knew about Black Witches's location due to the micro-GPS installed on a Black Withches-operated vehicle in the Battle of the Voyager.

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