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The Battle of Valia was the brutal battle that occurred all thought out Operation: Downfall. Gruesome and brutal, the battle is by far the bloodiest battle in the enterty of the First Multiverse War, started when the Alliance invaded the planet in full in 2364 NE, devstating the first layer of city and as the battle continued, the planet became a ruined ash filled wasteland with trillions of beings killed every minute since the battle began, the battle ended with the First Death of Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia and the surrender of the current Grand Primarch on December 25th, 2372 N.E.


Assault and First Layer Invasion[]

First Year[]

Second Year[]

Third Year[]

Fourth Year[]

Fifth Year[]

Sixth Year[]

Seventh Year[]

Eighth Year[]

Final Days of the Battle[]

People Involved[]

Alliance of Nations[]

Empire of the Combine Race[]


  • The Battle of Valia is a combination of various brutal urban fights in history, like Stalingrad and Berlin with intense building to building fighting combined with the brutal fighting needed for a heavily urbanized environment like Valia has become.
  • Alot of the reasons why the planet ultimately became a ruined wasteland is due to the intensity of the fighting and how many layers of cities had collapsed by then, as Valia was very much like Coruscant in this respect
  • Due to the sheer scale of the invasion as well as its' symbolic nature, the Alliance had multiple "beachheads" as it were across the planet, and all of them were bloodier then D-Day but regardless of the losses, the Alliance pushed through and took control of key positions that allowed them to advance.
  • Combine resistance was incredibly heavy, with some fronts having horrific losses in the millions for every kilometer gained, and combined with the Combines usage of the towers for cover, many Alliance ships in orbit would occasionally bombard areas of the planet to ease it for the invasion, if only slightly, determining upon the space battle over the planet.
  • The closer the Alliance got to the central government district the already intense resistance only became worse, with each meter gained, nearly a billion would be lost, and billions for the Combines.
  • There were plenty of "microbattles" that occurred in the Battle of Valia, most infamously being the Battle of the Cathedral, which itself was the Alliance slow fight to the top of the massive tower in the heart of Valia's government district.
  • Civilians were often caught in the middle of this battle and were butchered accordingly by sway fire from both sides, which doesn't even go into the accounts of the atrocities certain Alliance forces were conducting as apart of the Combine Purge. Or the brutality they'd face from their own government's forces.
  • Some civilians formed Anti-Combine and Alliance militias during the battle, often with the notion of proclaiming Valian independence from both groups but were often wiped out before they could do much of any thing, brutally so in the case of the Combines.