An Allied Soldier (New Republic uniform) battling the Cassian forces in the Resena Line

The Battle of the Resena Line occurred in the first war between the Alliance of Nations and the Axis of Empires in the planet Resena. The combatants on the Axis side were the Axis Armored Command Group 50, consisting of GGE and Cassian units and commanded by the "Desert Fox" Colonel-General Erwin Rommel; the Allied forces were the 77th Allied Army, commanded by Clone Lieutenant-General Cody Kanobi under the close supervision of the Commander-in-Chief Middle East, General Sir Claude Auchinleck. Rommel drove his armoured forces round the southern flank of the Resena position, to engage the Allied erference to supply lines resulting from the resistance of Allied Forces, which anchored the southern end of the Allied Resena defences and left a long route of supply to his forces behind the Allies line.

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