Gow3 bernadette mataki by ankobrown-d47u95k

Sergeant Bernadette "Bernie" Mataki, SM, or Boomer Lady by BJ Blazkowicz, Gramps by Kit Brinny and Granny by RJ MacReady, was a allied soldier in the Allied Joint Military armed forces. Bernie was born on the island of Galangi in the South Islands. She was the daughter of a farmer, who came from a Northerner family, and was the sister of Mick Mataki. After joining the AON at eighteen years of age, she became one of the best snipers in the army alongside Ashe and Karl Fairburne. She spent most of her career in the 26th Royal Tyran infantry, serving in several different companies. She fought in several of the most important battles of the First Multiverse War.

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