"I won't, no, WE won't stop until everyone's on this planet's is either dead... or insane..."

-The Purple Guy to the citizens of Storybrooke

The Berserk Mort Invasion of Qik'ziuji Earth Alpha, also known as the Berserk Assault on Qik'ziuji Earth Alpha and to the inhabitants of Qik'ziuji Earth Alpha as the Nightmare War, was a conflict that started by an temporary alliance of various Berserker Morts when they attacked the planet. For the next seven months, Berserker Morts started butching the planet's population while at the same time, driving the rest to the break of insanity. the Invasion ended abruptly when the Morts simply left the planet.

History Edit

People Involved Edit

Morts Edit

  • Wilhelm Faulkner
  • Nightmare (Col)
  • Zasalamel
  • Aya Brea
  • Mitochondria Eve
  • YHVH

Qik'ziuji Earth Alpha Population Edit

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