"At least make sure you do it right this time."
―Bevel Lemelisk's final words[src]

Bevel Lemelisk was an engineer and architect who designed, among other things, six superweapons with the power to destroy a planet: the Death Star prototype, the Death Star, the second Death Star, the Eclipse, the Tarkin, and the Darksaber. Starting his career by working for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, Lemelisk studied under Nasdra Magrody, and worked alongside such illustrious designers as Doctor Walex Blissex. He aided Blissex in designing the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, which would remain a staple in military flotillas decades after its initial creation. When the Galactic Empire joined the Axis, Lemelisk was tasked by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin with the development of the Death Star battlestation, which would have the power to destroy entire worlds.

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An ambitious[24] and ingenious man,[23] well-respected for his work, Bevel Lemelisk was proud of the technical achievements he had made, especially breakthroughs in things such as superlaser technology. Though he feared Palpatine, he was confident enough to make boasts about the vulnerability or lack thereof concerning his improved Death Star II.[2] He was not a perfectionist, however, and did not have to be due to his connections to high-ranking Imperial officials. With those connections he was safe in the confidence that he would always have a job, and so his work did not always have to produce designs and solutions that were premium.[6] At the same time, he disliked failure, and would not tolerate it even from himself.[16] Nevertheless, he was a practical man, and would always caution against impractical designs or technologies.[10]

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