Before the Narn Treason, the Narn Regime launched the largest and most powerful warships ever developed by any of the younger races... the Bin'Tak class Dreadnought. Conceived as a mobile, strategic base of operations for the Narn fleets, eight of these massive warships were constructed and assigned to each fleet in the Narn navy, their deployment coinciding with the escalation in hostilities that lead to the Narn Treason War. It became the symbol of the Coalition Navy

Carrying 48 Frazi heavy fighters and armed with two heavy particle beam cannons of similar yield to those of the Aegis class particle beam cannons found on Earth's G.O.D. defense satellites the massive warships was like a small fleet unto it's self. This lead to the Narn to believe their starfleets to be unbeatable but the Bin'Tak did have weaknesses. Bin'Tak was slow and cumbersome with an extremely low rate of turn and the ship's main guns, though powerful, were a massive drain on the Bin'Tak's resources.

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