The Biological Attack on Draconis is a major conflict in the Zann Consortium War. The event took place at around 4:40 AM when 10 Zann Consortium defilers set suitcase bombs with biological weapons in various places in the planet of Draconis, the Homeworld of the Elerian Reich. The viruses used in the attack Anthrax and an airborne strand of Ebola, are thought to have be the same viruses taken in the Sacking of Coikloe Earth that happened the day before. Soon after, at around 5:00 AM the bombs went off. Much of the population didn't notice the attacks, as many were sleeping at the time. However, Elerian authorities were alerted of the attack when a bomb was found next to the Elianish Capitol Building. The military and the Axis Ministry of Health was immediately alerted to the situation. The military began evacuating civilians while the Ministry of Health took all doctors that were available and tested civilians for both viruses. An investigation conducted by the Axis Intelligence Command immediately identified the 10 Consortium defilers responsible for the attack, and captured then. After an interrogation the man who ordered the attack was identified as Pietro Celega, who had commanded numerous other attacks against the Allied Forces in the Zann Consortium War.

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