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The Biu’liniu Unverse is one of the various universes to exist in the known Multiverse, in this universe Humanity was seeded on the planet called Kobal and divided the groups into thirteen tribes of humans, guided by what they believed to be gods referred to as Lords of Kobol. In the past, a war broke out and forced the rubes into exodus, the twelve would reach the Cyrannus Star System, later becoming the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. However, one of the tribes would take a different journey to Earth but were not like all humans, but a faction of Cylon Machines until they were wiped out.

This universe would be found in the year 1456 N.E. by the a scouting fleet of the UNSC and the Terran Dominion led by Jim Raynor when they discovered multiple refugee ships after the colonies were nuked by a Cylon attack.



Known Species[]

  • Human
  • Cylon


This universe is the main setting of the Battlestsr Galactica 2003, a reimagined series of the origins.