The Black Fleet Crisis was a period that ran from 2388 to 2389 N.E defined by political upheaval within the New Republic and a military conflict in the Viau Koornacht Cluster between the Alliance Defense Force and the Yevethan Duskhan League.

Origins Edit

"Our claim to these stars is natural and ancient. Our eyes have owned them since the beginning of our days. They are alive in our legends. They call to us in our dreams. We draw our strength from the All. The purity of the All inspires us to perfection. Our claim to these stars is not a shallow thing of greed, or politics, or ambition. It is not a claim we would ever surrender."
―Viceroy Nil Spaar to Han Solo.

When the Axis Empire expanded into the Viau Koornacht Cluster following the war, they discovered the Yevetha species and also noted the Yevetha’s rapid ability to learn new skills. The Imperials subjugated the Yevethan homeworld of N'zoth and its nearby star systems, built the Black Fifteen shipyards and put the Yevetha to work as skilled slave labor building, repairing and modifying vessels of the Imperial Navy.

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