Blitzer Harrsk

Blitzer Harrsk was a Human male admiral of the Axis who was considered to be one of the Imperial Navy's most talented tacticians and commanders. During the Great Battle of Endor, Harrsk suffered a cranial injury that left him brain damaged, which resulted in him developing a split personality that alternated between Harrsk himself and his deceased second-in-command, Captain Bolla Thoath. When Captain Gilad Pellaeon gave the order to retreat following the first death of Emperor Palpatine, Harrsk initially agreed, but later refused to follow an officer of such low rank and took his fleet into the Deep Core, where he established Zero Command, the first breakaway warlord kingdom of the Empire. Styling himself Lord High Admiral, Harrsk carved out a territory for himself in the Deep Core and Core Worlds. The warlord broke from many of his contemporaries in keeping watch on events outside his fiefdom, forging relations with Sate Pestage, Ysanne Isard, and many disaffected Imperials seeking new allegiance.

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Blitzer Harrsk had black hair, and stood less than 1.73 meters tall. During the Great Battle of Endor, Harrsk's face sustained great injury, with the left half burned down to pink scar tissue and his left eye blinded. While medical technology made healing his wounds possible, Harrsk had chosen instead to leave his scars as they were, both as a badge of honor and tool of intimidation. He also had his eye replaced with a droid photoreceptor. The undamaged half of his face, however, Harrsk kept trim and neat.

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