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Evolve117 Evolve117 19 days ago

RWBY universe

Do we have any information regarding the RWBY universe. I swear there was a page on the universe on this wiki but none of the characters of the show have been done. We'll also need to divert from the main series as it isnt the best in its current stage. I was thinking of something happening with Wiess against Esdeath (Akame ga kill) who both have ice powers but maybe the RWBY universe was involved in the great multiverse wars. Anyone got some ideas?

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 31 December 2021

Guidelines in need

Seeing as the near year is coming up I think maybe we should at least make some sort of guidelines or rules for any newcomers who comes across it. I know it's mainly just for fun but sometimes we seem to get some confusion and not make some ideas before uploading them which shou,d safe trouble as why there are blogs an sandboxes. Some set of rules like making characters, races, images, names for universes, worlds and factions.

what do you all think? Also happy new year!

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 16 December 2021

Arcane and League of Legends Discussion

So, been watching the Netflix Arcane lately and it got me thinking about League of Legends. Specifically how we as a community go about reworking those related pages to fit the new canon that's been reworked over the years while also keeping to the concepts we already have in mind. So, if anyone have any possible suggestions and concepts, feel free to discuss them in the comment section of this blog so we can figure this out and finally get these LoL pages updated and reworked after so many years after they were first put up.

I hope the comment section is enabled

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 25 October 2021

The God-Emperor lore

Okay, for some of you who maybe wondering why I made the page that mentioned the fall of chaos, still working on a name for it like ragnorak or judgment day like that. I remembered an old lore about the star child and the Sensei which connect to The God Emperor who would one day she’d his physical body and become a full fledged god to challenge the chaos Gods. I would have done this sooner before doing the page but forgot and here’s the page to one of them about the star child that owuld help in the lore website and maybe give ideas for others to add in that I left out or edit for this wiki to fit with the he connection of the Plains of Rebirth.

Source of website: Star child.

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 20 October 2021

The Gamemaker’s tournament

So been asked for some ideas for some tournament from many fighters in the Multiverse from The Fare Doctor with the inspired idea of the tournament of power from dragonball, haven’t had yet thought of ideas but anyone think which character, the link below who help.

link to timeline: User blog:The Fare Doctor/In-Universe Discovery Vs NE Timeline Discovery

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 23 September 2021

blocked on aliens species wiki

The bureaucracy on Alien species Wiki is BULL CRAP! All I did was just add info on a page of one of the aliens, but do to some copyright which I found ridiculous since I thought it was meant to be a place to add info of many verses took it off and this a-hole blocked me. All because I and some who only added information we found and wrote on different versions, this time I copied but changed a few words and they didn’t bother to check the difference. “Stolen text my a—“. I apologies for the language to all but I feel they are taking this too far and judging. I read the rules and rewritten some as I could and this is what I get.és_Chaos?threadId=…

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 10 September 2021

What if verses

Seeing as some verses have alternate counterparts and others unique, maybe some like Star Wars, stargate, marvel, DC Star Trek, call of duty and transformers for main examples. Maybe some to give ideas for a try

some ideas for Star Wars and maybe Some alternate historic earths be interesting based on some vids like the Star Wars what ifs form the vids and comics.

Ideas to diverge from the canon series and available for the verses not used yet

  • what if the Sith were never evil
  • what if the Mandolorians survived and grew strong to make their own sovereign territory.
  • Palpatine never became a Sith and Darth Plaguies survived.
  • Or Jabba was female (lol, but you never know) like a gender swap of characters

  • what if the proteins survived in one of the ME un…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 15 June 2021

Ratchet and Clank Series Discussion

In celebration of the recent Ratchet and Clank game that came out (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart), I'm been thinking of adding/updating all of our pages relating with the universe, so, @Soulslayer317, @Evolve117, and so on if you know of the series please comment about how we could work with this series in question?

Before you all ask, this is what the universe is called and when it was discovered.

Zi'yuij (Ratchet and Clank): 5367 (1444 NE)

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Evolve117 Evolve117 4 June 2021

Middle Earth and One ring to rue them all

I've added Middle Earth and the One ring so yeah... You forgot about Middle Earth. Question is how can I incorperate this as I made it Sauron releaises the Combine are more evil and twisted then him and he now sent the One ring to get the Alliance of Nations to ally with him and its come into contact with several people, major characters...

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Evolve117 Evolve117 4 May 2021

About the Tiza'nako universe

I know the attack on titan universe is going to be minor, but I was thinking of having Eren Yeagear meeting Alma Wade and trying to free her instead of his genocide route that he does in attack on titan season 4 (more or less) - sorry for the spolier. I would like to do more of the occupation of the Tiza'nako universe and the admiral (whose name I can't even pronounce or remember because of how foriegn it is). Any ideas how i can keep this lore friendly to the Great Multiverse and also what is that Great multiverses timeline?

I also did a space ship thing that was ditch that is suppose to be time travel from a alternate dimension in which the Combine won the first multiverse war.

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 22 April 2021

Battlestsr Galactica verses

Just been watching some of the episodes of the original Battlestsr Galactica, how do you think both sides would react to meeting each other and also the versions of Cylons with different ideologies and histories. Especially one universe with a galaxy full of humans that could have been a scattered remnants of the ancients

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Evolve117 Evolve117 21 April 2021

Current status of this Fandom

Is it me or is this wiki dead? I see edits sometimes but not every day I know people have things to do IRL but there doesn't seem to be a lot of active users.

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Evolve117 Evolve117 1 April 2021

Reformation of the Alliance of nations and possible 4th multiverse war

As many of you may have read my universe (Operation Sengo) that I created is in a year where basically the whole multiverse is at peace (relative speaking) but I've introduced the monsters evolve which can possibly travel to another world as long as there is a Patterson advice (like example someone like C.E.L.L takes a Patterson device to a major Multiverse universe world and tires reverse-engineering the device which causes the monsters of Evolve to start appearing and worst case scenario a planet from the Imperial of man- who'll eventually face tougher monsters thanks to their fast evolution ). Then the monsters cause a 4th Multiverse war which is basically the whole Multiverse trying to exterminate the monsters of Evolve before they bas…

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Evolve117 Evolve117 29 March 2021

Operation Sengo

If you have noticed that I've decided to create a new battle inspired by the events of the video game Evolve. Im really new to this creating pages things and would love help to make sure that the battle I've created fits into the lore of this weird and wacky wiki that looks pretty good.

Update: I've changed Operation Sengo into the past tense and it is now a conflict instead of a battle, also how the heck did it become most trending page in battles!

Please comment below to help me let this new content fit into this wiki's lore.

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Mad max 528 Mad max 528 17 March 2021

Haei'tuusik Hell and Heaven

Hey! At request from the Fare Doctor, I've decided to use this blog to post scenes I've made for the Haei'tuusik Hell and Heaven challenge. I'll post them intermittently but I can't say when.

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Johnnytopsidee Johnnytopsidee 20 February 2021

commander minna background help

I need a story background for commander minna that fits in with the multiverse story but I can't think of anything care to help add some of your ideas in would be much appreciated.


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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 17 February 2021

About Page Info in case of Glitch

I am the founder of the Great Multiverse, writer, Artist and so on

  • Prototype (De'ijkki), Found in: First War (1455)
  • Old Cartoon Network Universe (Voi'liu), Found in: First War (1408)
  • New Cartoon Network Universe (Zoi'liu), found in: First Aftermath (2399)
  • Fusionfall (Viu'uik), found in: First Aftermath (2432)
  • Rise of the Guardians (Si'ku), Found in: First Aftermath (2412)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Ain'uikni), found in: First War (1417) (made into a neutrality zone, though it ended around 1425)
  • Smite (Eii'ujiki), found in: First War (1785)
  • Project X Zone (Ziuj'jjuik), found in: First War (1499) (made into a neutrality zone until 1945, excluding Resident Evil, Valkyria Chronicles and .Hack)
  • RWBY (Ruii'kyl), found in: First Aftermath (2413)
  • Street Fighter (…

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Skyrish19 Skyrish19 17 February 2021

My About Page

Since Fare Doctor told me there is a problem, i better leave here.

I am providing the database of the Great Multiverse wiki, my goal on the Wiki is provide adding new content to this wiki since i worked in august 29, 2014 along with Doctor Ivan Moffit aka The Fare Doctor, GeneralHelghast aka Crimsonhammer43 and Hiddenlich. Also i am the admin of this wiki also.

  • 1 Universes i considered and added:
  • 2 Universes added (Created/Original Idea Universes)
  • 3 Works and Medias based on the Great Multiverse
    • 3.1 Video Games and other Multimedia Applications
    • 3.2 Comic Books
    • 3.3 Novels
    • 3.4 Young Readers
    • 3.5 Magazines
    • 3.6 Films
    • 3.7 Television
    • 3.8 Role Playing-Games
    • 3.9 Audio Books
    • 3.10 Tabletop Games
    • 3.11 Reference Books
  • 4 My favorite pages

  • World War I (Fol) (including Red Dead Redempti…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 17 February 2021

Please Put your About page info onto a blog post

So I'm looking around the user pages for Skyrish and Soulslayer and the about pages have nothing but this phrase "This user has not filled out their profile page yet." so until we get that sorted out, please put all your info into a blog post for us to see.

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 16 February 2021

Clarification on how a being is reborn as a Mort

I imagine that there will be confusion as to how a person is reborn as a Mort in the near future. Specifically questions like "How does someone gets reborn as a Mort?" and with that "Does everyone get reborn as Morts in this setting?" and so on. So I've decided to clarify what I intend for how a person is reborn as a mort which will hopefully salivate any questions folks could have in the near future.

So, how does one get to be reborn as a Mort? well, there are three answers to that, and two of which involves interuniversial travel in some way. the first and more common is physically travelling through a portal to another universe without the use of a ship or vehicle of any kind. Simply put, if one travels through a portal to another univer…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 3 February 2021

Quick! Ideas for Hazbin Hotel and Hellovaboss

Thinking of adding the universe of the two shows (they share the same verse by the way) and need some ideas and suggestions for what we could do with it. All users can add a comment regarding a possible suggestions for events and storylines for this universe.

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 26 January 2021

Wiki pages need of fix up

I’ve noticed A LOT of pages that need serious work out for this to make sense, some need expanding, others that make no sense or just out of random and spoke into to User:The_fare_Doctor since it’s been years and thought to make a list of pages I’ve seen need serious work and make a list here for any found

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 19 January 2021

Faction ideas

So had some ideas in mind after reading most of the files and lore, and gave ideas of what if some races and cultures made their own to represent like how humans often do,m like dwarves making a coalition from many worlds, elves like the high elves seeking to make their own either in isolation or during the Multiverse wars. Any name ideas?

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 8 January 2021

Problems with wiki

For some reason when in my computer, I can’t upload or edit anything in the wiki, anyone having trouble with it? Nothing wrong using in my iPad but reported a bug to the community wiki about it

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 18 December 2020

Zootopia's Ecology

Just rewatched Zootopia and it got me thinking, what would the ecology of a planet look like after its' entire mammalian branch of the tree became sentient? As the directors stated, not all animals became sentient, only mammals, meaning birds, reptiles, bugs and so on are still non-sentient creatures. So, to repeat the question, what could this world's ecology look like? Any suggestions from ya'll?

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 17 December 2020

G.I. Joe/Transformers role

A sudden idea came to mind with Transformers/G I Joe for ideas the decepticons making an alliance with Cobra and possibly other factions as well like the remaining Imperial Remnants like the Empire of the Hand and the renegade scientist Hithon with stolen research from other factions like Unbrella, CORPUS and other classified research since the end of the First War to join Cobra, while the UNSC and the Gears and Guardians discover the Earth in the Eeo'koip Universe in 2416 to help the Joes 

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 26 November 2020

Morally Questionable and Dubious things the Alliance could have done

True to the title, this blog post is meant as a jumping-off point for various ideas and concepts that pertain to things the Alliance of Nations, the central "Good" faction of the setting, might have, could have, and has done which can range from experiments to conflicts and campaigns done by them, and even things they might have done to planets over the course of its' long existence.

  • 1 Experiments and Projects
  • 2 Wars and Actions Done in Them
  • 3 Planets and Galaxies
  • 4 Other things that could have been done by the Alliance

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 13 November 2020

Facebook page

Just thought with so many stuff that need serious updating and very few around, why not make a Facebook page to least gain some viewers and work some ideas to explain about it to catch their attention?

This is the official facebook page for the Multiverse Codex/Great Multiverse


"The Multiverse, a place where ancient empires lived and died. For over a Centrillion years an ruthless Empire that calls itself the Empire of the Combine Race have been planned on the complete conquest of the Multiverse, 352 years have passed since Invasion of Golmar Earth and since then a brutal war waged on, Now a few heroes of the past have not only awakened to a Universe but a Multiverse at war. Many Emp…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 4 October 2020

Terms and Phrases unique to the Great Multiverse setting.

While most of the terminology hasn't changed all that much, there are areas where terms are unique to this setting in specifically the Combines/Kilominitics and the Ancients Humans all have their unique phrases and terms though I do intend to have some terms reflect certain themes here. All users of the site are welcome to edit this point and add their own terms and phases

  • By the Entities: equivalent to oh my god, by god, by god's grace and so on, and other such terms, obviously as a reference to the Entities which became commonplace everywhere due to the spread of the Cult of the Nine Archies.

  • By the Parent Gods: equivalent of oh my god, by god, by god's grace, and so on, but referenced to the Mother and Father of Humanity and the Kilominit…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 25 September 2020

Entities alternate names used to refer to the Entities

For all members who wish to help out with the Entities pages, please put down any alternate names you may have on the Entities.

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Darkidol Darkidol 13 September 2020

War in the Beta Quadrant - Thoughts


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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 10 September 2020

In-Universe Discovery Vs NE Timeline Discovery

This is entirely my fault for not clarifying when a Universe is discovered. Specifically, when in-universe it was discovered, as the NE timeline is meant to unify the various events and so forth into one cohesive unit, but each universe has its own timeline, which predictable makes it hard to calculate when a person is born or an event occurs. This sort of thing will be addressed here as I will put down the in-universe year it was discovered that way one can just use that year as a basis to get the number need to either add or subtract the year it was discovered in the NE Timeline. 

Speaking of, the NE timeline doesn't get widely used by the Known Multiverse at the time until forty years after the Ancient Revelation Day, or when the Ancient…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 31 August 2020

My Hero Academia Characters: What happens to them in this timeline

Here's a question for all the users here... What do you think could happen to the My Hero Academia characters over the course of the timeline from the year they were discovered (2406 NE) to the last important bit of info, the Multiverse Civil War (9938 NE at the least). What sort of things you personally think could happen to them in that point in time and how different could they be over those millennia worth of time?

  • 1 Notes and Concepts
    • 1.1 Class 1A
    • 1.2 Other UA students
    • 1.3 UA Teachers
    • 1.4 Heroes
    • 1.5 Villians
    • 1.6 Civilian

  • Mineta Minoru: One possible idea for him is for his hypersexual nature be the result of abuse, namely sexual abuse, by his aunt and over the centuries between His'kilool's discovery and the Multiverse Civil War has largely gotten ov…

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 3 August 2020


Looking through the ideas on the verses could make my own for some crossovers, or original ones since I got some ideas of my own and maybe related to the main story setting for fanfic ideas. Some characters would be based on others or a little different to make them diverge from the canon franchises.

Some ideas perhaps like Independance Day aliens could be an ancient rival of some of the old races like the Combine when mentioned they fought in a long war agaisnst he Spheres or some like the Ascendancy, Combine or the Human Republic

more to add...

so working on characters and some ideas after reading much of the lores and stories, although getting use to the idea of characters that can live for thousands of years, I mean least some could die t…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 31 May 2020

Reworking League of Legends Pages

I'm sure some of ya'll have noticed the League of Legends pages we have here on this sight, and noticed that said pages are the modified lores of pre-rework League of Legends material. And the rather barebones nature of a lot of those pages as well. 

So, I'm thinking we should have a rework on them from the ground up, which is to say, using the new lore for them. But I frankly don't know much about that game to give those pages justice, so I leave it to any editor who wish to take up this task, just message either me or Skyrish19 about the edits in question.

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 29 April 2020

G-Man "Interviews"

True to the title, the G-Man, that mysterious, possibly evil, possibly good, possibly neither, creepy bastard, would conduct... "Interviews" of various individuals across the Known Multiverse largely by the orders of his "Employer" Old Gray. These individuals are often picked for a variety of reasons but ultimately are picked because Old Gray foresees them playing a major role in events to come, namely events that ultimately sees the destruction of the Empire of the Combine Race and the end of the Cruel Lord's rule over it... and his eventual true death... From there, the G-Man would pull these individuals into an unknown black void (though that's not a constant) where he begin to talk to them on a variety of subjects and generally just cr…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 21 April 2020

Names for the Multiverse-Wide Internet Service

Planning to create a page a Multiverse internet like service but do not have a good enough name for it for the name of the article in question. To all our site's users and editors, got any good ideas for the name of this Multiverse-wide internet like network? please comment below.

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 5 March 2020

Ideas and Suggestions for the Cruel Lord's Personality

The Cruel Lord, Yiloala Kutarukia, is the overall main antagonist of this setting, and generally has a fairly basic personality befitting real-life sociopaths as their personalities are noted to be incredibly shallow.  Of course, this varies per sociopath, but that's minute in nature and they always are shallow in nature. So far, the personality of this closet thing to the embodiment of evil that exist in this setting multiverse wide, are as followed: 

  • Incredibly calm and patient, a trait of which most sociopaths tend to lack, 
  • Cold
  • Manipulative
  • Sadistic
  • Cruel and brutal
  • And views the entire concept of morality and ethics to be "idiotic myths created by sentient creatures to deny the fact that they are the animals they believe to be above".

Any s…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 2 March 2020

Universe Types, Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, and Societal mindset

The Known Multiverse is a vast place full of universes that are all unique and different from each other in one same and form. However, there are some common themes that can be picked up by people, and that would be the scale of opportunism vs nihilism. What do I mean by that? well, in basically terms, how opportunistic a universe is vs how nihilistic a universe is, in other words, how light and soft one setting is vs how dark and edgy another setting is. 

For the most part, most of the Known Multiverse is in the middle of this scale of opportunism vs nihilism, meaning that these universes are neither too opportunistic but its' not too nihilistic either. But the remain portion of the Known Multiverse tend to be on both ends of this scale, o…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 20 February 2020

Combine Synth Conversion Centers and the Overall Axis Views of Them.

While I haven't made any mention of this concept in the pages yet, I have a general idea that within every Axis held territories (be it full planetary control or limited planetary control) the Combines would set up large 'Conversion Centers' where they take the corpses of people recently killed (or at least above the age of 18 or so) and revive, and turn them into TransRace Combines. And the manner in which they get these bodies to turn into more slave soldiers can be from the aftermath of a battle (where they take the corpses of every factions, even their own allies, so ya'll can imagine how the Axis members feels about this) or flat out go into towns, villages, and even cities and outright slaughter everyone there and take the bodies to …

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 5 February 2020

Kingdom Hearts Guardians of Light Personality Changes Over the Course of the First War

So, readers and visitors, ya'll may have noticed that I've been updating/adding pages to the wiki involving the Malica universe (the Kingdom Hearts, majority of Final Fantasy and Disney animated canon universe) and I got a question to ask all of you... How do you all imagine the personalities of Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas, Xion, Namine, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Isa, and Lea could change once they are freed from their status in 1702? How they adept to, and be changed by, the First War? And how would this war change their views and philosophy?

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 27 February 2019

We need an artist

Due to my time being spent on College, and my utter lack of any sort of skill, we need to find someone to make art pieces for the wiki. There's only so much we can do with simply placing genetic pictures we find online.

Please, if any of our members are artists, do share, or if you know of any, please contact them and see if they could contribute. 

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MatthewJabezNazarioI MatthewJabezNazarioI 12 January 2019

Prepare Yourselves for When the Cold Breeze Blows Away

Hi everyone!

Please prepare yourselves for When the Cold Breeze Blows Away, because I made this!

When the Cold Breeze Blows Away

Click on the link here please, because I made this! No offense. No bad comments. Be kind on this page, because I know you're gonna like it.

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 8 January 2019

Please add the universe which a certain faction resides in

Recently people have been adding links for factions and nations without adding the universe they are from in question, I need to remind all of you that alot of things have similar names and thusly, we have to clarify what universe they're from, case in point, the Earth Federation, which Earth Federation are you talking about? as there are two, three, four upwards of ten versions of them in the multiverse so you have to clarify what version you mean, just put the name of the faction with the universe its' from in (pretenses) 

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 6 March 2018

Empire of the Combine Race; Fascist State or Communist State

Recently some of our members have been updating the categories for our factions which I appreciated. However, there are factions in which it's difficult to define as being two certain ideological and political states, those being the Fascist State and the Communist State.

What do I mean by this? Well, the Empire of the Combine Race, it has characteristics of both Fascist and Communist states, as in, like Fascist states, it has extreme nationalism, militarism, totalitarianism and extreme Speciesism but at the same time it's like communist states with it's near total control of its economy, adherence to almost total social equality and the total lack of any sort of currency whatsoever. So, my fellow members, you see the problem here? how do …

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El Colono El Colono 21 December 2017


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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 7 January 2016

Command and Conquer Timelines

Timeline for the Command and Conquer universes, namely Gizzur (Tiberium), Gil (Red Alert) and Generals (Goo'iiki).

4510 BNE

According to Biblical accounts, Cain murders his brother Abel, becoming the first murderer in the world.

2435 BNE

Earliest alleged reports of the existence of the Brotherhood of Nod.

1279 - 1283 NE

First Gizzur Civil War started by assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrillo Princip, member of the Serbian Black Hand movement, in Sarajevo.

1350 NE

The Empire of the Combine Race invades and conquers Golmar Earth, thus begins the First Multiverse War

1355 NE

After a failed assassination attempt at Saddam Hussein, Special Operations Group Echo: Black Ops 9 is forced to go public

1359 NE

United States Congress begins an inve…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 26 December 2015

Malice Universe Timeline

This is the timeline for the Malica Universe (Kingdom Hearts)

1260-Terra, Aqua and Ventus time (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

1270- Sora's first adventure (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)

1271- Sora's second adventure (Kingdom Hearts II, Re:Coded and 3DS)

1272- Sora's third adventure (Kingdom Hearts III), Search for Sora Begins. 

1274- Sora is finally found and reunited with his friends, however, he along with Kairi, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Lea, Ventus, Roxas, Namine, Xion, and Isa are captured by the Combine Forces (due to Old Grey's Manipulations). Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, are resurrected via cloning by Combine researchers and placed in status until 1690)

1285- Worlds reconnected, First Cold War…

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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 11 December 2015

Fialer Earth Timeline

the timeline for the Fialer Universe for all you working on any pages in that universe *Note: This is a basic overview of it and will be updated with the Fallout's lore's complete timeline

700s to 800s- Sometime after March 24, 792, during the Tokugawa shogunate, Toshiro Kago is abducted by mothership Zeta from Japan.

797- Captain John Smith discovers Point Lookout

825- Concord is incorporated.

887- May 17th: Andrew Endicott is abducted by mothership zeta from his home in Salem Village.

965- April 19th: The American Revolutionary War begins with the Battles of Lexington and Concord

966- The American colonies declare independence from Great Britain

973- September 3rd: The Treaty of Paris brings the American Revolutionary War to an official close.


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The Fare Doctor The Fare Doctor 10 December 2015

Viau and Filo Universe timelines

for everyone working on pages related to star wars in the Viau and Filo Universes, here's the timeline for it so far


The Seventh Battle of Ruusan. The remaining Sith are exterminated on Ruusan, with the exception of Darth Bane, who starts a new Sith Order with only one master and one apprentice at a time, also known as the Rule of Two. Each subsequent Sith would bear the title Darth.

Chancellor Tarsus Valorum presides over the Ruusan Reformation, which dismantles the Republic's central authority, abolishing the Republic's standing armed forces and reorganizing its millions of sectors into 1,024 regional sectors, each represented by a single Senator.

The Republic Dark Age comes to an end.


Darth Zannah kills Darth Bane on Ambria and become…

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