Codex Blue Suns

The Blue Suns are a "private security organization," in reality a mercenary outfit, operating in the Skyllian Verge. The Blue Suns have a reputation for being both discreet and ruthlessly efficient, and as such charge a sizable fee. Blue Suns mercenaries often have a tattoo of a blue sun somewhere on their body. During high-risk jobs, the tattoo would be removed with an acid wash to prevent them being identified, then reapplied once the job was finished. Blue Suns consist mostly of batarians, rodians, trandoshans, ferengis, forsakens, turians, and humans. They are also known to employ mechanized support on occasion: YMIR, FENRIS, and LOKI Mechs.The blue suns joined the Horde during the War of Riz'ro.

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