The blurrgs were a two-legged reptilian species that lived on the plains of the forest moon of Endor, as well as the planet Ryloth. They were used by the Sanyassan Marauders living on that moon to do their heavy labor. The Sanyassans originally used them as attack creatures, but they were too slow while carrying cargo and calm, so they used them as beasts of burden instead. They controlled them with spiked chain bridles, riding on their backs with stiff saddles.

The blurrg's huge mouth could chew through almost anything edible, which made it perfect for clearing savanna grass, weeds, and saplings. Blurrgs were strong, fast , but stupid—so much so that they walked right into small trees, knocking them down. The egg-laying creatures usually produced 5 or 6 babies at a time. In their early years babies stayed very close to their mothers for protection from Boar-wolves. Blurrgs communicated through a series of roars.

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