The Boltok Pistol[1] was the standard-issue sidearm of the Locust Horde, specifically the Drones. The pistol continues the Locust weapon-design philosophy of creating weapons with an emphasis towards brute force. It is a high-caliber, double-action revolver with a 6-round capacity, a side swing chamber and an enclosed hammer. It is heavier, slower to fire, and holds half as much ammunition as the COG-issue Snub Pistol, but does unequivocally more damage per shot and has exceptional stopping power. The Boltok is used mostly by the Locust and can cause a significant amount of damage. The Boltok fires significantly slower than the Snub, but it packed an incredible amount of power. A single shot from the Boltok was capable of decapitating a target, a testament to its stopping power. The Boltok is used by the Alliance of Nations.

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