The Boomshot Grenade Launcher is a single-shot, pump-action grenade launcher designed and used primarily by Locust, specifically the Boomer. The design may have been born in the UIR Booshka grenade launcher, as many were likely captured in the early Locust attacks on Union of Independent Republics countries. The Boomshot fires a delayed-fuse high-explosive shell that creates a large explosion upon impact, followed by the detonation of about three to five small "bomblets" that create a series of secondary explosions which are comparable to a cluster bomb. The shell is loaded into the Boomshot via a drum magazine. When fired, the shell emerges from the main barrel and the guiding fins ride along the 4 tubes that surround it. While Boomers are exclusively equipped with the Boomshot, Drones and Gears are also capable of using the Boomshot.

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