Braha'tok-class gunship

The Braha'tok-class gunship, also known as the Dornean gunship, was an anti-starfighter gunship constructed by the Dornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate for use by the independent Dornean Navy. Designed purely for military use, the ninety-meter-long craft bristled with weaponry, including turbolasers and concussion missile launchers. At first, the gunships were used to defend Dornea from the Axis Navy, but many of them were sent to Gorkamorka to join the Horde. The Braha'tok-class gunship—also known as the Dornean gunship—was designed purely for anti-starfighter space warfare. To that end, it possessed no accommodations for ground-based infantry, and included only a small hangar deck.[1]

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