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Brakiss was a Human male from the planet Msst who was recruited by the Axis of Empires as a baby after being discovered to be Force-sensitive. He was trained and brainwashed by the Inquisitorius as a tool for their purposes. The remnants of the Inquisitorius discovered that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was planning to recreate the Jedi Order from a Jedi Praxeum. In an effort to sabotage Skywalker's efforts and steal his training methods, Brakiss' handlers installed him as a spy within the original class of the academy. Skywalker immediately surmised Brakiss' purpose, but sensing his potential in the Force, he decided to keep the young man as a student, working to turn him to the light side of the Force. Brakiss worked alongside Skywalker's original students, helping them defeat the spirit of the deceased Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun.

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Brakiss was a handsome man with striking features, including silken blonde hair[74] and piercing blue eyes.[13] He had smooth skin with thin lips and a perfectly symmetrical face that appeared as though it had been sculpted from alabaster.[13][74][47] Brakiss had a slender body type and was noticeably tall. While under the command of his Imperial handlers, Brakiss had a haunted look in his eyes, and his blue eyes appeared sunk deep in his head.[5][34] Both Leia Organa Solo and her son, Jacen Solo claimed that Brakiss was one of the most beautiful humans that they had ever encountered. Upon his departure from the Jedi Praxeum, Brakiss began to adopt a unique style of dress. He clothed himself in silver colored robes complete with polished silver boots and a matching silver lightsaber.[13][74] Brakiss could read and write Basic and was able to speak the Paecian language of Dathomir.[75]

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