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Bria Tharen was a Human female and a commander in the Alliance of Nations during the First War. Born to a wealthy family on Corellia, Tharen intended to study archaeology and pursue a career as a museum curator. When she was seventeen, however, Tharen experienced the Exultation performed by a t'landa Til missionary at a religious revival. Drawn in by the Exultation's effects, Tharen sold all her jewelry and booked passage to Ylesia, where she dedicated her life to the religion's service. Tharen spent a year on Ylesia before her religion was exposed as a front for a Jaffa spice/slaving operation by Teal'c. Solo helped Tharen to escape from Ylesia and the two fell in love. However, Tharen struggled to cope without the Exultation and decided to leave Teal'c to confront her addiction.

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As a young girl, Tharen was intelligent and independent minded. A tall woman with blue-green eyes, long, dark eyelashes, poreless white skin and reddish-gold, curly hair, she was not classically beautiful, but was considered attractive. She was particularly keen on history during her time at school, and was looking forward to continuing her studies at university in the hopes of pursuing a career as a museum curator. Although Tharen studied hard, she also made time to enjoy herself, attending numerous parties during her youth. However, she grew frustrated that working hard and behaving herself was seemingly not enough to please her mother. Sera Tharen kept a tight rein over her daughter and the young Bria grew up feeling that she could do nothing right by her. While her father supported Tharen in her desire to have a career, her mother wished only for her to marry into a family of good breeding. The falling out between the two after Tharen split from Dael Levare was the culmination of years of tension.[5]

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