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Bryan Fury is a ruthless mercenary that works independently for anything and he is known for his trademark evil laugh.

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Bryan Fury, a former Soldier turned officer in the International Police Organization, was killed in a shoot-out in Hong Kong.

Bryan's corpse was transported to the laboratory of a man named Doctor Abel. This 88-year-old scientist was fairly famous in the underground society, but his findings were often preceded by Doctor Bosconovitch's. However, at last, he came to the last step of completing his master project... the Cyborg Army. Dr. Abel thought that a perfect cyborg must have the mechanics built by his rival, Dr. Bosconovitch, so he reanimated Fury's body and sent him off to collect this data.

In his former life, Bryan was known as a skillful detective, but on the other side, he was always followed by dark rumors. Investigating the Hong Kong drug trade, Lei Wulong discovered that Fury had connections with drug dealers.

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