The Buick was a unique vehicle called a car or, more specifically, a convertible, that was capable of ground, atmospheric, and space combat. It included a very durable hull and an unseen engine system powerful enough to propel it through space at a high rate of speed. The Buick also contained hidden weaponry consisting of laser cannons and cluster missile launchers that were effective against a number of different enemies, including starfighters, tanks, infantry, space- and land-based structures, and even capital ships. The Buick was once under the ownership of Rudy, and was known at that time simply as "Rudy's Car." Later, some time as early as 2152 N.E, the car came into the Alliance's possession; at this time it was old enough to be considered a relic. The Allies stored it in the hangars of its Mon Calamari Star Cruisers; Allied pilots, including Sera,[4] could use it during missions against the Axis of Empires. It is only appeared in Great Multiverse: Shattered Multiverse and its sequel through cheats.

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