Gree CoD

CC-1004 was a clone trooper commander in the Alliance Joint Army. Possessed of a keen interest in alien species and cultures, 1004 was singled out to participate in a special training program by ARC trooper Alpha-17 that encouraged individuality. As a token of his independence, 1004 was rewarded with a name and chose to be known as "Gree," a reference to an obscure alien species.




Known for his talent and individuality,[24] Commander Gree was a loyal[1] and disciplined soldier.[25] His sharp mind and battle prowess made him an ideal[19] second-in-command[5] for the renowned Jedi Master Luminara Unduli.[19] Though he served Yoda faithfully during the Clone Wars, his ultimate loyalty lay with the Republic.[1] The commander would not disobey a direct order from a superior, and he held in contempt those who betrayed their post to the Republic.[4] He was willing to sacrifice his own life to fulfill a mission.[17] Gree showed himself at the end to be fully loyal to the Republic, turning on his Jedi General at the Chancellor's order and dying for it.[2]

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