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CC-5052 was a clone marshal commander who the Alliance of Nations. A clone of Jango Fett, CC-5052 was bred on Kamino, where he was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando by Alpha-17. Alpha-17 also gave CC-5052 the name "Bly," which the clone commander himself adopted. Assigned to the 327th Star Corps, Bly worked with Jedi General Aayla Secura throughout the First Multiverse War. Serving in campaigns on planets such as Quell, Maridun, Alzoc III, Florrum, and New Holstice, Bly worked with Secura to personally extract a valuable Scientific Instrument Package from Honoghr. During the mission, Bly encountered renegade Jedi Quinlan Vos, whom he deeply mistrusted. Shortly after the Honoghr mission, Bly and Secura served alongside the reformed Vos in the Siege of Saleucami.




A dependable clone trooper,[25] Bly was bred to be fiercely loyal to the Republic and his superior officers. As a clone commander, he was allowed much more initiative and independence than his fellow clone troopers. Despite this, he always valued the mission as the most important thing in any situation, even over the wellbeing of his comrades. Bly felt it was better that he didn't have to concern himself with the politics or minutiae of his missions and was happy just to execute his orders.[1]

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