The Pitbull is an armed reconnaissance vehicle used by the Alliance of Nations. The Pitbull is a fast and maneuverable vehicle that specializes in reconnaissance and patrol. It uses its dual missile launchers to engage air and ground targets, and can be upgraded with an 80mm mortar for extra damage against surface targets and structures. It is an ATV truck powered by hydrogen fuel cells on an elevated platform with a back-mounted rocket launcher and equipped with powerful and highly advanced G-Tech sensors capable of detecting stealth units. Its rocket launcher is capable of shooting down aircraft and is more than enough for damaging other vehicles and buildings, although direct combat with heavier vehicles is ill-advised, owing to the vehicle's necessarily light armour. It was also electrically powered, with redundant motors located in the wheels. There is a possibility that there is a civilian version. For security, DNA and dog tag scanners would only allow authorized personnel to operate the vehicle.

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