Cal Omas

Cal Omas was a male Alderaanian who served as the 19th Chief of State of the Alliance, and later the 18th Grand Chairmen the of the Alliance. He began his service in galactic affairs when he joined the Alliance of Nations following the destruction of his home planet. He succeeded Leia Organa as Senator of the People of Alderaan (the remains of it) in the New Republic, and served in that position for several years, until Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya's death on Coruscant (Viau) during the TransRace Empire attack on the capital.

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Cal Omas was a reactionary man. Before the retaking of Coruscant, Omas was also known as a good-natured man, with a sense of humour and the ability to accept when he was wrong.[20] However, he would clash with the Jedi constantly after the Recapture of Viau Coruscant. He was quick to anger, but loathe to compromise, as he demonstrated time and time again in meetings with the Jedi Council. Omas was of the opinion that the Jedi should serve the Alliance wholly, a view not shared by the Jedi themselves.[10]

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