The Capital Wars, also referred to as the Capital Conflicts, the Pol Earth-Valia Wars, the Pol Earth-Valia Conflicts, and the Valian Crusades, were a series of six conflicts between Pol Earth and it's supporters and Valia and it's supporters over the Multiversial Federation's capital's location. The wars trace its' originates to the Duy'ti Earth Conventions and Debates, or more commonly referred to by many as the Capital Debates. What started out as debates that should have ended in a simple decision, turned into debates that lasts for hours, then to days, then to weeks, then to month and then to years, until finally, a full three centuries after the Conventions and Debates began, the Pro-Valica Capital delegates stormed out, enraged by its final decision. At that point in time, many assumed that the question about where the capital should be ended there, but centuries later, this assumption, was gruesomely and brutally proven wrong. In a course of three centuries, both Pol Earth and Valia and their supporters starting gathering military arms in preparation for an armed conflict over the matter, then, in 7512 NE, the first of these Capital wars began, for the next 791 years, Pol Earth and Valia fought each other in five more wars until 8303 NE, the wars finally ended with the debate finally put an end to the brutal and bitter wars with Pol Earth remaining the capital of the Federation for the next 1582 years. Many later historians point to these conflicts as a prologue to the Multiverse Civil War.

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