Carol Marcus

Doctor Carol Marcus was a female Human who was one of the leading molecular biologists in the Alliance. She was once romantically linked to noted Starfleet officer James T. Kirk – a relationship from which she bore a son, David Marcus – but she opted to devote her life to her research and to raising David. She was leading the Project Restored Homeland

Biographical record Edit

It was during the late 1620 N.E when Carol Marcus became involved with Kirk. Though she gave birth to their son, David, Carol felt that she and Kirk had no basis for a lasting relationship, with Kirk traveling around the universe while she worked in a lab, so she asked that Kirk leave her alone to raise the boy. That they both cared more for their careers than they did for each other was never disputed. As Carol saw it, she and Kirk lived in entirely different worlds, and she wanted her son to be raised in hers. Indeed, Carol kept much information about Kirk withheld from their son, such as her request that Kirk stay away from both herself and David.

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