General Cassio Tagge served as the head of Axis Army operations aboard the Death Star battlestation in the years leading up to and including the Great Battle of Yavin. Born into the powerful House of Tagge, Cassio Tagge grew up on Tepasi with his three brothers—Orman, Silas, and Ulric, as well as his younger sister Domina, who was sent away from Tepasi by Orman at an early age. Boasting a tactically astute and cautious mind, Tagge had enlisted for officer training in the Axis Military, against the wishes of Orman, who had ascended to the position of Baron of the House of Tagge. Cassio Tagge ultimately ascended to the rank of general, and became an influential figure within the military, strengthening the organization's ties to his family's TaggeCo corporation, and holding sway with the Pure Emperor himself. Tagge was ultimately followed into Imperial service by Ulric, and among the general's earlier assignments was the subjugation of the Fallanassi people on Lucazec—when the general failed, he managed to drive the obstinate people off their planet and into hiding.

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