TERA Cutout (50)

The castanics (Second Human Empire: Hamo Siujj'kijn Sop'kuhi) of Castanica are known for their suffering from prejudices and oppression for being an ally with the demon Roak, who would eventually destroy their homeworld. As a result of this, they've lost their trust to outsiders and decided to do things by themselves instead. Not until they managed to break free from the demon's grip did the humans and amani help them get into the Valkyon Federation, but it was betrayed when they formed the Rebellion (by the time when the Great Arborean Rebellion started) and joined the Coalition of Independent States until they betrayed by them, forcing them to became a independent faction during the First Aftermath, they later joined the Alliance of Nations during the Second Multiverse War when their former group formed the New Valkion Federation after the Alliance promise to aid them

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