The Centaur-class was a type of Federation starship, a medium cruiser that was in use by Starfleet and the Allies in the First and Second War.

Specifications Edit

Centaur-class vessels crewed 315 officers and crew. The Centaur vessels weighed 870,000 metric tons, measured 381.87 meters in length, 320.16 meters in width and 78.54 meters in height. The Centaur had a warp core power plant rated at over 1,500 cochrane units in output, feeding two warp nacelles. The warp drive was rated for a maximum output of warp factor 9.6 for 12 hours. The ships of the Centaur class were also fitted with two impulse engine reactor plants and emitters. The Centaur weapons consisted of nine Type-IX phaser emitters and 2 photon torpedoes launchers. By 2380 however, the Centaur-class would have 18 phaser strips and 4 torpedo launchers

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