The Centauri (Second Human Empire name Hamo Ikkl'kii) are the one of the younger races and originate from the planet Centauri Prime in Sector 130. The Centauri are bipedal humanoids, in appearance similar enough to Humans that the species could easily pass for one another under casual inspection (apart from distinctive differences in hairstyling and attire). During The Third Age of Mankind, the average lifespan of Centauri was around 150 Earth years. Outer reproductive organs of Centauri males consist of six tentacle-like genitals that extend out from the sides of the body and fold in over the solar plexus when not in use. The males can stretch the tentacles out to several feet.[5] Females have six narrow receptive orifices, three on either side of the base of the spine, just above the hips.[6] During sexual intercourse the male places the tentacles in the female's orifices individually. The level of pleasure during intercourse increases with the number of insertions The cardio-vascular system of Centauri has two hearts instead of the single heart that humans have. The right heart is a solid mass of muscle which provides most of the force behind the body's blood circulation. The left heart is much more complex - this heart is made up of an intricate system of thousands of veins that help cleanse the blood in a manner similar to the human kidneys. As a result, a heart attack in the left heart is a very serious matter because the left heart is very difficult to repair. Their network of blood vessels is also somewhat different than in humans, as they do not have major blood vessels in their wrists.[8]

The Centauri have extrasensory perception to varying degrees, generally manifesting as precognitive abilities. Most Centauri have limited perceptions, enjoying only rare fleeting glimpses of the future. However, some Centauri will experience vivid prophetic dreams telling them of the time and the circumstances of their deaths.[3] A rare few Centauri, exclusively female, have very strong prophetic abilities. These females are often given a special status in Centauri society that is much higher than would normally be given to a female.[9] The widow of Emperor Turhan, Lady Morella, is said to have had extensive precognitive abilities, to the point where she was considered a great prophet. She also acts as if she speaks for both herself and her late husband.[10]

Some Centauri have telepathic ability. Like humans, the degree of telepathic ability varies with the individual. The Centauri Emperor Turhan always had four female telepaths in his court, who had been trained since birth to be continuously mind-linked. When he traveled, two went with him and two remained at the royal palace, allowing rapid communication between the Emperor and Centauri Prime.

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