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The Ceph, short for Cephalopods, also known as the Charybdis, are a group or race of technologically advanced aliens that serve as an independent power from the Axis of Empires, the Alliance of Nations, and the Coalition of Independent States. They are hostile towards humans and are waging what appears to be a war of extermination against them. Their probable origin is likely to be in the Triangulum or M33 Galaxy, located in the constellation Triangulum, 4 million light years from Earth; a beacon was discovered to have been sending a signal into that part of the sky. They have been on Earth for at least 2 million years in a dormant state until Jacob Hargreave in 2020 set in motion events that led to the Korean People's Army awakening one of their installations.


Cephs are cephalopod-like in form (hence their name), with three tentacles protruding from their back (though only in the Human-derived strain. The pure Ceph have five coming from their torso). They also have many red eyes.

The original Ceph have a less squid-like appearance, with actual arms (where as the human strain rely on mechanical ones) and can only survive in sub-zero temperatures. Pure strain Ceph are about 2 metres long and blue/purple in colour.

Human strain Ceph vary in height depending on function, but are all pink in colour or red if they are commanders;

  • Stalker - about 5.6 tall
  • Grunt - over 6 feet tall
  • Commander- over 6 feet tall
  • Ceph Heavy - 12 feet or taller


The Ceph have been on Earth for at least 65 million years, and are implied to have seeded Earth with the basics of an ecosystem. They left behind infrastructure that would periodically awaken and study that ecosystem for unique proteins that may have evolved. For most of human history, they laid dormant - even after Jacob Hargreave and Karl Ernst Rasch triggered a catastrophic explosion in one of their facilities in Tunguska. Only in 2020 did they fully awaken in response to American and North Korean forces tampering with another facility under the Lingshan Islands. This is the first Ceph Colonization Stage, before they had become adapted to the "new" Earth humans had created. The Ceph begin to adapt to the Earth triggering Ceph Colonization Stage 2. The Alpha Ceph opens a Einstein-Rosen Bridge to their parent galaxy in order to bring their main invasion force to eradicate all humans, known as Ceph Colonization Stage 3.


The Ceph are highly advanced as their machines and structures can survive for millions of years and still function correctly. Having colonised Earth countless eons ago it is accurate to assume they are a spacefaring species.

Their weaponry seems to revolve around ice, although they do use sonic and energy weaponry along with energy shields as well. Also the Ceph apparently have the ability to manipulate weather patterns and cause seismic anomalies; one instance of this was shortly before the attack on New York, as an increase in these anomalies was reported (this could also be a bi-product of the ancient Ceph structures waking up).


The Ceph are an alien race from the Crysis game.