Whale Probe
The Cetacean Probe was a device created by a distant race of cetaceans to search for other species. In its years of exploration it encountered many worlds and species, including the Borg, who attempted to assimilate it. They failed, but did succeed in damaging its crystal memory.

Dwarfing a Federation Miranda-class starship and even the Imperial Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the Cetacean Probe was cylindrical in shape, and carried a small deployable sphere normally stowed internally at the front, physically detached from the Probe while in use, but connected by an energy beam. The sphere's purpose was as a communication device, amplifying the Probe's broadcast of its calls to enormous levels, impacting on power systems and ecospheres. In comparison with the spacedock it passed at rather close range, the Cetacean Probe's estimated length was in the vicinity of seventy kilometers – one of the largest space vessels ever encountered by many factions in the multiverse, and potentially second only to V'ger in size.

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