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Chagrians (Second Human Empire: Zuit'opiki Nui'yuki) were a sentient species of amphibious humanoids native to the water planet of Champala. Chagrians were born as tadpoles in clutches of three or more, and raised in tubs of water in a family's private home. During this time, their arms, legs, and air-breathing lungs were developed. Adult Chagrians were truly amphibious, retaining their ability to breathe underwater while also able to function without difficulty in air. They also possessed acute low-light vision. The average Chagrian stood taller than a Human with blue skin ranging in tone from light blue to indigo. They were distinguished by two fleshy growths protruding from the sides of their heads, which they called lethorns. As they aged, the lethorns would thicken.[2] Males also sported two horns growing from the top of their skulls. These were once used in underwater duels to attract a mate, and were seen as a sign of the males' strength and virility. Females lacked the superior cranial horns, but had more pronounced and longer posterior head plates. These could reach halfway down their back.[3] Chagrians also had very long black forked tongues. The Chagrians are member of the CIS

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