MTG Charles Pic

Charles Cutting is a general found in the Goo'iiki Universe. Having served as a young Lieutenant in Afghanistan during the first decade of 1400s N.E, the coordination of precise, just-in-time air and artillery support missions has always been Charles' specialty. As an avid football enthusiast born in the East End of London, he is well known and respected for his "street cred" among the rank-and-file troops, often ignoring anti-fraternisation policies and taking an almost fatherly interest in the stories and pastimes of his squaddies. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the safety of his troops has always been the General's foremost concern, expending massive amounts of ordnance for everyone of his well-targeted long-range fire missions in order to neutralize any threat well in advance. He is the leader of the Alliance 77th Artillery Force. He was part of the Great Serethan-Allied War, commanding his artillery forces to bombard a Deleathan fortress.

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