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A group of Chimera during the First Multiverse War.

The Chimera were an alien species hailing from an unknown star system in the Ruui'iio Universe. Originally, it was thought that gruesome Russian experiments resulted in the creation of the Chimera, due to their invasion starting out of that country. However, the Chimera themselves claim to be the original inhabitants of Earth and to be "the evolution of man". Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen. It is known that the Chimera invaded Ruui'iio Earth seemingly for the sole purpose of eradicating humankind and claiming Earth for themselves; however, their reasons appeared to be more complexed.

After their failed attempt of exterminating the humans, the Pure Chimera came into contact with the Combine and made a secret alliance to wipe out their mutual enemies to expand their empire, becoming the founders of the Combine-Chimeran Alliance, although the Chimerans eventually underwent a civil war that saw half of them revolting and joining forces with other groups to create the Coalition of Independent States.


Early History


The precise origins of the Chimera are unknown, but it was known that at least 60 million years ago their progenitors, referred to as the "Pure Chimera", had colonized the planet that would be known as Ruui'iio Earth and established a foothold on the planet. During this era, the Pure Chimera came into conflict with another alien race. It is unknown what the outcome of this war was, but archaeological evidences uncovered by SRPA scientists revealed that the damage dealt to the Chimera was highly devastating; the Chicxulub Crater was created as a result of the conflict, and the effects of the impact forced the Chimera to completely abandon Ruui'iio Earth and burying traces of their presences for eons. It is also strongly speculated by SRPA scientists that the cause of the Chimera's defeats laid at the hands of very advanced technological components known as "Grey Tech" that was used by their enemies to construct a powerful weapon that led to their absence from Earth.

Over 60 million years later, the Chimera returned to Ruui'iio Earth in the form of a virus-infused meteor which impacted in Siberia in 1346 NE (1908 Ruui'iio). Evidence suggests that the Chimera had planned the attack on the planet since the time of their departure, as shown by the presence of the Chimeran Tower network that was found buried across the world. Some towers even happened to be under major population centers, such as London, Paris, Chicago and New York. The reasons for their return to Ruui'iio Earth, or even why such an advanced race chose a primitive way of invading, remains unknown. However, it is strongly speculated that this was an act of desperation and therefore implying that the Pure Chimera are in a very precarious state.

From the moment of their arrival on Earth, the Chimera proceeded to infect and/or kill almost every living organism in Russia before making themselves known in 1365 NE (1927 Ruui'iio). Russia would be completely conquered by the Chimera by the mid to late 1360s NE (late 1930s Ruui'iio). Initially, knowledge of the Chimera's existence was completely unknown to the rest of the world due to Russia's strict isolationism. However, Western intelligence agencies soon became aware of the aliens following strange events transpiring in Russia, such as abnormally cold weather changes and completely abandoned towns, but erroneously believed the Chimera to be the byproduct of a Russian military experiment gone horribly wrong.

Chimeran War

Occupation of Ruui'iio Earth


By August 1395 NE (1957 Ruui'iio), the Chimera were dealt with a sudden and devastating blow when former Sentinel, Joseph Capelli, launched a desperate attack that destroyed the New York Tower by colliding a Terraformer into the tower, completely sealing the wormhole and ending the Chimera's terraforming process, along with restoring Ruui'iio Earth's climate. The attack on the New York Tower appeared to be humanity's own turning point as temperatures changed rapidly on the Eastern Coast of the United States just as human resistance groups across the planet were reporting their successes against the Chimera, who appeared to be at a severe incohesive state, presumably from losing their hive mind connection with the Pure Chimera. Over time, the Chimera on Ruui'iio Earth were exterminated by the human survivors and Earth is returned to human control.

The First Multiverse War

Secret Pact

During the First Multiverse War, the Empire of the Combine Race forged a secret alliance with the Chimera known as the Combine-Chimera Alliance in order to split much of the known multiverse in separate territories. The Pure Chimera understood the incredibly advancements of the Combine and saw an opportunity after their failed attempt to exterminate the humans in their native universe, but left it in near defenceless after almost exterminating the native species until they had made contact with an alternate universe with an Earth the Combine once conquered. The Pure Chimera then made an agreement with the Combine to form their own alliances with other species, use them to start a multidimensional war

The Chimera gained access to their multi-dimensional drives and first chose the Fop'lla Universe with many worlds to build their armies, focusing on the less developed worlds, infecting human or alien alike to build their numbers during the conflicts, captured strands of DNA from the Orks for their brute strength and fungus traits to spread in numbers, the study of psionic species, Aeldari and Drukhari, along with the abilities of the Kroot species to study. Unable to risk a conflict with the greater powers at the time, they chose to attack a few to learn if their tactics with the Combine’s support to receive intel as well.

Civil War
Main article: Chimeran Civil War

It then began to show its first signs of deterioration during the Great Chimeran Civil War in 1410 NE. The alliance was soon to be nonexistent, until the combine betrayed the Axis, by ordering their troops to kill axis soldiers. Facing invasion of their homeworld, they destroy themselves, to prevent the alliance from having the elation of occupying a homeworld of a powerful former axis member.

Chimerans were facing civil war by two different groups: one - the Loyalists, the ones loyal to the government, and two - the Revolutionaries, those who do not align with the combine's ideals soon with what the Revolutionaries called a "Puppet of the Combine" were attacked by the Chimeran Army which was orded by Loyalist Generals, to justify the attacks, the Loyalist Generals called the Revolutionaries "uncooperating protesters" but somehow the Revolutionaries survived the attacks but with little in their forces. The Surviving Revolutiononaries Chimera managed to gain supplies from the Fop’lla Universe, gaining vast amounts of supplies to build their new empire. soon the Revolutionaries formed the Restored Chimeran Empire.

The end result was an alliance between them, the Orks, the Forces of Chaos, the Tyranids, a Rebel group of Krogan's calling themselves the Krogan Militia, a Rebel group of Batarian's calling themselves the New Batarian Empire, and the Forsaken. The Coalition of Independent States was born in the year 1428 NE, seeking to one day crush the Combine and her "Puppet", the Chimeran Empire and the Alliance of Nations. Ultimately, this soon lead into the Chimeran Civil War, which was a terrible conflict between Chimera loyalists who supported the Combine and Chimera Revolutiononaries.

By the end of the war, the Revolutionaries were all killed and the Coalition was defeated, but not completly destroyed. Overtime, the Survivors began to spread into unclaimed universes, mostly wartorn universes, including the Fop’lla Universe, rebuilding its strength. They were able capture several Tyranid Hives to be used as their living warships under their control with implants and also to alter their genetic traits for their use of disrupting some FTL travels after witnessing their ability to disrupt Warp travels.


As the Pure Chimera now have a select few of neutral factions to work with them, they begin their plans alongside the Combine to extend the wars for the right moment.

Fop’lla Invasion

Chimera-Genestealer Wars

The rivalry between the Chimera and the Genestealer Cults

The Chimera within the Fop’lla Milky Way had infiltrated many Imperial worlds to attack the unsuspecting worlds from within, their direct conflict with a certain mutated species of humans with Tyranid strands known as the Genestealer Cult already attempted to use those worlds to lure the Tyranids. Fights between the two had broke out in hostilities with both tempting to assimilate and claim the planet for themselves, most of all against the Chimera for being seen as ‘heretics’ and enemies of their so-called gods. The Chimera had been known to capture several Genestealers as the main source of the infections, using their own infections to alter their genetic traits and use to their advantage to spread their infestation to counter the Cultists’ influences. The notable example was the Siege of Jilator’s Star when their presence was known to the Imperium of Man.

Imperium Conflicts

The Imperium immediately deployed multiple chapters of Space Marines and various Imperial Guard regiments to exterminate the Chimera from their galaxy, burning many worlds from the taint of both Genestealers and Chimera.

Extinction and Rebirth

By the end of the Civil War, the remaining Chimera had themselves killed, leaving the Orks to become the new leaders of the Coalition. Luckfully, however, with the help of the Tyranids and the Forsaken, the Orks managed to clone their own Chimera for their ranks, seeking to one day take revenge against the Combine. This ultimately led into the New Chimera Empire 's resurrection, only this time, they had no power to lead the Coalition.

The Chaos Wars

During the Chaos Wars, the New Chimera Empire was at war once more, but, for some odd reason, they didn't order as many attacks as they did in the First Multiverse War. This make the Orks very annoyed by this who needed all their allies in the war itself to clam victory. But during the war it became more and more unknown what they were planing on doing, some say that the reason why they didn't attack as much was to turn on the Orks to retake the Coalition, while others say they were waiting for the perfect moment to attack the Alliance head on, while only a few believed that the Chirmeans where planning on turning on the Coalition by joining the Alliance, however, many people didn't believe this claim.

The Chimera discovered a universe in 2419 NE where humans divided in their galaxy after the collapse of their empire, they sent out infectors targeted a select few worlds to infect to gain a foothold for their invasion within a few years, unable to risk any conflict of human settlements from their previous war with Humanity, loaded their ships with captured prisoners and artificially grown clones to speed up the process. They soon fought against the defending humans with the official conflict in the Siege of Forwin as the first battle among the claimed territories they claimed, leading a conflict between the Chimera until later on they were defeated by the combined might of the Human allied nations and later the support of the Alliance of Nations.

The Second Multiverse War

Great Betrayal and Member of the Alliance


A Chimera Stalker with its shields engaged.

Little is known of the culture of the Chimera, but it is, in combat situations at least, known to be brutal, with intelligence reports stating that Chimera will often devour their own kind, usually wounded or dead, and are known to eat human beings and other beings as well.


Initially, the Chimera were commanded and directed by the Angel strain, which they possessed a powerful telepathic link to all Chimeran soldiers. This gives an impression of a hive-like mentality among the Chimera. Should an Angel died and depriving the Chimera of their link, the Chimera under that Angel's control rapidly begin to die off in a matter of days, or even minutes. To prevent this, the Angels were protected and stationed in Chimeran Towers. However, humanity's discovery of the Chimera's hive mind leadership led to the destruction of the tower network in Western Europe and causing the deaths of the Angels and weakening the Chimera's hold over the continent.

Daedalus later replaced or limited the Angel strain, deeming them to be too inefficient to be of great use to the Chimera anymore. Instead, he instituted a new leadership caste of Chimera, which include Primarchs and Overseers as the main leaders of the Chimeran forces. A Primarch usually has control over 30 to 40 lower ranking Chimera, and Overseers normally control about 12 Primarchs, making for a much more efficient leadership system. This makes it much harder for the Chimera to be stopped, compared to the original method where complete power was vested into an Angel.

The Chimera were driven by a hive mind and led by a leadership caste in which they were described as being part of a "great whole"; in which lesser units serve the larger ones. Among the various Chimeran strains, each served their specific roles in combat. Such as Hybrids being the most predominant form of infantry and Menials serving as base and facility personnel. Among some were made specifically in siege warfare and others, in higher roles in the Chimeran hierarchy, skilled in leadership. Also, certain Chimeran strains seem to be phased out by newer, more effective strains extraordinarily fast.


It's unknown what their true language is, due to the fact that they refuges to give any infomation about it, but they do use English as a way to speak to other species, by the way they talk, they speak very intelligencely, showing how most Chimeran think and act.

The Chimeran language has a twenty-nine symbol alphabet. This was discovered by Dr. Malikov in his research at Bryce Canyon, in which he stated that it would take 5.8 billion years to try each combination. Almost every piece of Chimeran machinery and technology is accessible through the use of Chimeran symbols. In Bryce Canyon, for example, a unique eleven symbol combination is used to lock or open Chimeran doors.

These symbols appear on multiple Malikov Journals, they can be seen on a Chimeran terminal inside the Terraformer.


On Chimeran vehicles, weapons, buildings, and ships, there are usually three bright lights arranged in a triangle which appear to be completely aesthetic in nature. Additionally, there is often a curious mix of lights, grating, and solid metal where simple plates of metal would do. It is unknown whether these attachments serve a purpose.


Chimera ships looming over New York during the First Multiverse War.

Chimeran technology is far superior to even 21st century human technology. Chimeran weapons are capable of doing things no contemporary human weapon could ever do, such as ammunition homing in on enemies (the Bullseye), or tunneling through walls (the Auger). The Chimera also possess the ability to manufacture and field a large airship fleet. Chimeran vehicles are powerful and outfitted with deadly weaponry. The Stalker, for example, is shielded in armour that most human weapons cannot penetrate, and comes with powerful weapons, including anti-aircraft batteries.

The Chimeran Goliaths can fire shock mortars and Spire missiles directly into hostile territory, and their enormous size also serves a major negative psychological role to the Chimera's enemies on the battlefield.

The Chimera can also build and use robotic A.I. Drones that can attack enemies. They are usually small, outfitted with powerful weapons, and have the ability to float and levitate.

By the events after forming an alliance with the Combine, the Chimera now possess the ability to travel to any universe.


it's unknown what they belive in, but best guest is that they didn't have a religion at all


Sub-Species within the Chimeran Strains

  • Hybrids - the foot soldiers of the Chimeran army, and are the most commonly encountered enemy throughout the Resistance series.
  • Advanced Hybrids - a superior strain of the Chimeran Hybrid.
  • Crawlers - the small beetle-like parasites that serve as the Chimera's method of reproduction by spreading the Chimeran virus.
  • Furies - a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 2. This strain is designed to live and attack in water
  • Grims - a strain of Chimera that are created from humans through the Spinner strain. Although frail in form, Grims are fast moving and pose a serious threats when in groups.
  • The Kraken - a Chimeran strain that first appears in Resistance 2. The Kraken is a large aquatic creature with four tentacles, each tipped with mechanical drills that can split into claws.
  • Leeches - a strain of Chimera that serve as suicide bombers. They are apparently a subspecies of Grim rather than a unique strain.
  • The Leviathan - a 300-foot tall Chimera. Only two Leviathans were ever reported. Described as the single-largest creature to have ever walked the earth, these bipedal creatures possess a large cooling device on their back.
  • Longlegs - a strain of Chimera bears a striking resemblance to the Hybrid, but supports genetically and mechanically enhanced elongated legs (hence its namesake) which allows it to leap at greater heights and distances. This allows it to rain down gunfire from above. They are very similar in function to the Slipskull. Longlegs also have cooling systems that are able to flap like wings. The strain first appears in Resistance 3 and later in Resistance: Burning Skies.
  • Ravagers - a Chimeran strain that first appears in Resistance 2.
  • Rollers - the final life-cycle stage of the Chimeran Crawler, being more developed version of the Leaper.
  • Carriers - a strain of Chimera which serve a non-combatant role in which they journey to the battlefield to collect infected humans who have succumbed to a Crawler attack. In appearance they are similar to a very large floating jellyfish and have numerous eyes.
  • Slipskulls - a strain of the Chimeran species that prefer to take pot-shots and make blind-siding attacks on their enemies rather then face their opponents directly.
  • Steelhead - a powerful strain of Chimera which are believed to be a superior engineered version of the Hybrid variant.
  • Titans - a extremely large and powerful Chimera. It is heavily durable and possesses superhuman strength.
  • Widowmakers - a large strain of Chimera, and are the approximate equivalent of a human tank.
  • Gray Jacks - a decrepit Hybrids that have have almost outgrown their bodies. They are not an individual strain of Chimera, since they are simply elderly Hybrids.
  • Hardfangs - a breed of Chimera similar to the Hybrids but are known to be tougher and crueler.
  • Menials - a strain of Chimera that are not intended for combat but rather the process of basic labour such as conversion. As such they are the worker caste of the Chimeran hierarchy.