The Chimeran Civil War also known as the Great Chimeran Civil War occurred when the Chimerans starting to face civil war by two different groups: first - the Loyalists, the ones loyal to the government, and second - the Revolutionaries, those who do not align with the combine's ideals soon with what the Revolutionaries called a "Puppet of the Combine" were attacked by the Chimeran Army which was ordered by Loyalist Generals, to justify the attacks, the Loyalist Generals called the Revolutionaries "uncooperating protesters" but somehow the Revolutionaries survived the attacks but with little in their forces.The Surviving Revolutionaries Chimera managed to gain supplies from the Warhammer Universe , gaining vast amounts of supplies to build their new empire. soon the Revolutionaries formed the Restored Chimeran Empire. The end result was an alliance between them, the Orks , the Forces of Chaos , the Tyranids, a Rebel group of Krogans calling themselves The Krogan Milita , a Rebel group of Batarians calling themselves the The New Batarian Empire , a group of Russian Neo-Nazi group called the Fourth Reich from Di'llol and the Forsaken . Soon. The Coalition of Independent States was born, seeking to one day crush the Combine and her "Puppet" the Chimeran Empire and the Alliance of Nations. Ultimately, this soon lead into the Great Chimeran Civil War, which was a terrible war between Chimera loyalists who supported the Combine and Chimera Revolutionaries. By the end of the war, the Revolutionaries were all killed and the Coalition was defeated, but not completely destroyed. Overtime, the Survivors began to spread into unclaimed universes, mostly wartorn universes, including the Warhammmer Universe, rebuilding its strength.

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